Self​-​Radicalised! :)

by Scruffamudda

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What Do You? 03:20
Chorus: What do you want to be when you're grown? Something to set you free, call your own Don't tell me that you feel you're too old There's time and space, expand, break the mould What do you want to be when you're grown? What do you? What do you? What do you do? They say it's never too late to pick up something new So are you doing the thing you really want to do? Because in time and in space there's only one of you And time is not on your side so make your dreams come true What do you? What do you? What do you do? Because the stories you tell about yourself aren't true Forever rewriting facts and changing points of view But it's no fault of your own your memory goes askew At least it gives you the chance to be a brand new you Chorus What do you? What do you? What do you do? So don't be waiting around for change to come to you You've gotta get off your butt and build this world anew Coz time is not on your side and there's a lot to do And if you want things to change it all begins with you Chorus
I Hate Sex 02:57
I hate boys and I hate girls I hate sex all around the world Come on I hate blokes and I hate sheilahs I hate grunters and I hate squealers I'm not hetero, bi or homosexual I hate sex with any individual I hate dudes that pretend they're ladies But not as much as I hate straighty one-eighties Sex I hate sex coz I might get rabies I hate sex coz you might have babies If we were a little bit less seductive Maybe we'd also be more productive Still there's an urge and I can't ignore it I hate sex but I'm gagging for it Sex I hate sex coz it stains the covers With the bodily fluid of my lovers I hate sex for the complications To be honest I prefer masturbation
We're stuck between Two evils now Humanity Sort your shit out Gotta spit Gonna get lit Can I drop this shit and u dance to it? Legit Fully sick Selling quick Stock options Concoctions Noxious glitch Don't mix Water and oil On the boil Human toil Killing soil Can't be loyal To this hypocrisy Of faux democracy Two party systems What's the difference? No change gonna come our way Not today Paper money holding sway Put it away We're not gonna be OK 'Til we find another way This world is spinning true But not for me and you We're stuck between Two evils now Humanity Sort your shit out Check the trajectory Headed for tragedy Extinctions Emissions Useless opinions From corrupt politicians Enough's enough Gotta find a new way to do this stuff Gotta give up Let go our guilty pleasures It's too late for token measures Earth can't give unending treasures Resources won't last forever Gotta find something fresh Sustainability or death Reach out Embrace the new Not what would Jesus do This world is spinning true But not for me and you We're stuck between Two evils now No choice it seems 'Til we throw out The old regime Two evils now Humanity Sort your shit out
Sometimes when I'm tripping Really high on psychedelics I feel everything's connected But not like gripping More like woven into fabrics Joined together with a loose thread And I'm no hippy But in terms of the schematics All the matter that existed Without or within Is all part of an organic whole And tethered to one system Chorus: You and I exist together We're all part of one forever Time won't wait it's now or never Love trumps fear let's join together So what you're giving's what you're getting It'll come back Gonna catch up with you No separating There's a million points of contact Between everything around you It warrants thinking How we're living gotta unpack All the baggage get a clear view Coz when we're hearing all this fearing It's not fact It's just a bunch of fake news Chorus Love trumps fear Get it in your ear Gotta hear this No hate Take a breath wait We create reality It's only what we make it So take it and run with it Acceptance No need to fight it Don't you wanna feel the flow? Let go Quit dwelling on the negatives It's relative We're part of bigger things Connected to this spinning rock We're all in this together It's never us and them There's ties that can't be severed So fuck the fear that holds you tight Embrace a little love and light Feed fuel to the glow You'll reap what you sow As long as we're all still here Love trumps fear Chorus
He's a priest with a boner And it don't seem right It's so hard to be a loner On a Saturday night He's a priest with a boner No one understands He's gonna bend you over You're gonna take it like a man And when you feel the priest go up inside Ain't nothing you can do nowhere to run and hide Oh no He's a priest with a boner And a celibate vow But it's so hard to be a loner Can't we change the rules now?
Secret Raves 03:26
Friday night and I'm gonna get lit Looking for a hang where the music ain't shit Going off radar just for a bit Coz what I got planned ain't strictly legit Heading underground coz that's where it's at Secret Raves where the bass is fat Text message coming through on the phone Address and venue lock and load Party vibes bigger than the room can take We all off our face but respecting space No cops no nanny state within these walls But we look after one another we got love for all That's why we keep it off the books Undercover Find your nook Legality Stifling creativity In the community Keep it opened up Anarchic Who gives a fuck If I wanna down some shrooms Drop a tab Or smoke it up? Chorus: I'll go underground any day Live my life in Secret Raves Throw my real world cares away I'll live out my days inside Secret Raves OK We're all here to get loose and have a good time Unadvertised just through the grapevine Big systems live visuals and fresh rhymes Sub culture collectives make legit shit look well shite Getting deeper in the trance feeling so high Mine is yours have a hug have some red wine Maybe get another bump from the sound guy Is that a joint going round can I have a try Oh wow Feeling it now Room spinning Sound slowing I gotta sit down Chorus Keep it off the books Undercover Find your nook Legality Stifling creativity In the community Keep it opened up Anarchic Who gives a fuck If I wanna down some shrooms Drop a tab Or smoke it up?
Pingas 01:59
Pingas We've only got a week or so left before the pingas stop working Pingas
Busted 02:17
Busted My hands in cuffs Rusted From years of service They've served their purpose To lock up those of us With fairy dust Or some leaf in our pocket Protecting us from us And you from you And me from me But why should I cop it? Tossed about by boys in blue Beaten bruised These coppers have lost it I have my dignity Morality Integrity And what I want to eat Or smoke or breathe Is solely up to me Until you try it don't knock it But here I be A detainee A criminal A threat to society For smoking weed Repeat that please? For smoking weed? Get fucked Chorus: I Just wanted to get dusted Now I'm getting busted Quotas on the rise And cops can't be trusted Power trip Branded criminal I ain't done shit The laws are skewed Protect the few But push those on the fringe Off edge into debt More sweat Paying fines Doing time No escape from the daily grind But check your privilege Coz the First Australians Face the highest level of incarceration No second second thought Or consideration That we broke the law When we took this nation Chorus Cops are a problem Not the solution We need to change the culture of this institution Full of tough guys looking for confrontation They only serve to escalate the situation Chorus
Gus is a driver ferrying fruit A pallet of peaches in the back of the ute Ready to take off and in the driveway sits a myna bird Gus honks his horn to say "Get out the way or you die" Meryl is the forementioned common myna Pecking at a bug on the driveway minding Her own business "what's all this fuss?" She ruffles up her feathers and responds to Gus "I'll move in my own good time" Gus says "Meryl you're a pest in this town I'll be doing a good deed if I take off and run you down The native birds will fill the garden" He revs his engine just to say once again "Get out the way or you die" Kylie is a kookaburra up on a rafter She's seen the scene and bursts into laughter "Your argument is quite absurd You're no better than the myna bird You must be out of your mind" Gus doesn't like what he is hearing But Kylie continues "I've been here since way back when And I can tell you man You've changed the face of this beautiful land Can't keep pretending it's fine" "Like the myna bird you're an introduced species They may eat your fruit And compete for nesting space in the branches But you took this land from it's inhabitants Can't keep pretending it's fine" Gus gets sheepish and looks to Meryl "I've been taken down to your level A pest that overruns the native species Whose ancestors never even signed a treaty We must be out of our minds" Meryl the myna bird looks to Kylie She flaps her wings and speaks up shyly "If we want to build a harmonious nation We must make amends with the first Australians Let's sign a treaty it's time" Can't keep pretending it's fine Let's sign a treaty it's time Always was always will be Aboriginal land
Fight! 02:19
Yeah boy I'm a tough guy, born to hustle Tight shirt gonna show my muscle Might hurt when I go ballistic Got a short fue and unrealistic Dumb things down to the simplistic Brute force trumps logical thinking It gets worse when I go out drinking Tempers flare and it's... Fight! In the morning I go buy a coffee It's a thing that I'm doing oftly Can't take these pleasures off me Walking up the road as the wind blows softly Stepped up for my cappucino Girl pushed in said it was her go I thought she'd know it was a no-no Tempers flare and it's... Fight! It's fear that sparks violent behaviour Gut instincts do us no favours Shoot first ask questions later Reptilian brain meets human nature Some people aren't so bright And anything new gives them a fright Instead of trying to do what's right Adrenalin kicks in and it's flight or fight Fight!
Hell No Dawg 03:09
Chorus: O o hell no dog O o hell no dog O o hell no dog Get them trouble away Get them trouble away lord Get them trouble away Work my fingers to the bone just to get you a feed You tax my time and I can't believe You still expect me to play ball When you dig up the yard and that's not all Your demands intrude on my daily life Stay out of my bed you're not my wife And all you seem to cause is strife and woe Chorus Sometimes it don't seem like I'm your master Each rule I make you break it faster Keeping you in line is a disaster Can't you pull your weight lazy bastard You lie around while I'm at work Messing things up like some kind of jerk And there's no communication coz there ain't no common language that we know Chorus
Sour Rainbow 04:11
I wake up to the sounds of industry And rub my red eyes with a frown I hear the tradesmen digging under me The orange vests that run this town As the yellow sunlight beams into my room I'm reminded not to feel too down But all the green fields that I ever knew and wandered through Are paved with concrete on the ground Full spectrum of colour all I feel is blue Looking out my window all the time At the purple flowers that I grew on the sill Still I'm in a sour rainbow frame of mind


released December 14, 2018

Everything by Steve Allison except;
Track 9 features Amanda Davis & Mitchell Kwanten of Bow and Arrow
Track 10 includes a live recording from a gig at LazyBones Lounge
Track 1 & 6 have a couple of ad libs by Jack Prest of Future Love Hangover

Recorded at the Scruffamudda Audio Research Laboratory except;
Track 1, 3 & 6 ad libs recorded at Emerald City
Track 8 drums recorded at Golden Retriever
Track 9 vocals recorded at Songbird

Mixed & mastered by Jack Prest at Emerald City


all rights reserved



Scruffamudda Sydney, Australia

Scruffamudda is a mashup of music all evolving from one man, one audience & a looper. Quirky, upbeat tunes are created using voice, drums, percussion, synthesisers, drum machines, guitar, ukulele, childrens' toys & practically anything that makes noise. The Scruffamudda live show is a humorous & interactive experience not be missed! ... more

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