Ho, Ho, Ho!

from I'm Dead by Scruffamudda



This song ain't 'bout no gardening
No digging up soil, yo
That's not the intended meaning
When I be sayin' "Ho"

And I know what you're thinking
But you don't even know
'Cause I ain't talkin' 'bout ladies
When I be sayin' "Ho"

It's about that festive spirit
About this dude I know
Who was sent down from the heavens
To make us all say "Ho"

"Ho, ho, ho!" it's Santa, yo
Chilling at the north pole
In the ice and the snow
Jesus was his little bro
Every year they celebrate
Christmas eve, save the date
They do Coke and stay up late
To bring us presents, I can't wait

Santa Claus can get things done
Everybody knows he's number one
So damn fast it make you shiver
Say the word and he'll deliver
In a suped-up flying sleigh
That spans the world in just one day
Down the chimneys through the doors
Never once does Santa Claus
Pause 'cause god's his dad
Born before the Jesus fad
Big white beard just like his father
Don't believe me if you'd rather
Take as read that family tree
A shadier elm I've never seen
Who's Santa's mum? It's anyone's guess
It could be you, but I digress
It took Santa seven days
To build the earth and the suns rays
Santa used his super powers
Made the trees and all the flowers
He made me and he made you
Wrote a list about us too
It's all scientific fact
Nobody else could do all that
If asked "Do you believe in Santa?"
Best think twice about your answer
You may pay the greatest price
He decides who's naughty or nice
So bow down low and beg forgiveness
From our saviour father Xmas
Jingle bells and off he goes
Santa Claus says "Ho, ho, ho!"



from I'm Dead, released February 18, 2016


all rights reserved



Scruffamudda Sydney, Australia

Scruffamudda is a mashup of music all evolving from one man, one audience & a looper. Quirky, upbeat tunes are created using voice, drums, percussion, synthesisers, drum machines, guitar, ukulele, childrens' toys & practically anything that makes noise. The Scruffamudda live show is a humorous & interactive experience not be missed! ... more

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