Techno & Love & AC​/​DC & Art + Spinach

by Scruffamudda

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Pre Music 00:19
Hey youse Are you looking for fresh tunes I made beats outta no skool Before it was cool Before it was cool dudes Burnt my lips on some hot foods Took a bite of the cheese ooze Before it was cool Before it was cool cool cool cool cool cool cool Before it was cool cool cool cool cool Before it was cool Before it was cool Before it was cool cool cool cool cool cool cool Before it was Yeah I met Scruffamudda When he just came out of his mother Got 2 sisters not a brother Grew up taller than the others Fresh like prince with a sense of rhythm Pots and pans there’s a drummer in him Gets his first kit when he is 13 Meets mates to make music with em Cranking out grungy rock with ashram Flipping those rhythms with Dr Kong & the Stem Cells for a funky space jam Oven Fresh are his yeasty boys fam Who could forget the electro poppers Great Apes busting out the show stoppers I was there before it was proper Coz Scruffa never had no chart toppers Hey you I got grooves bounced off Neptune Mixed pop techno with hard doom Before it was cool Before it was Hey there Check the fashion that I wear Mixed Angora with cat hair Before it was cool Scruffamudda’s music is shit Everybody knows it He’ll never write a hit He’ll never be cool Come to the next show Dance in the front row It don’t make sense tho This guys a fool Crap rap and schlock rock Played on a toy glock Indie core shit pop That breaks all the rules Not cutting edge tho Just a mishmash of Stuff that I’ve heard On the radio It’s like who does he think he’s fooling there with his hipster beard and his shaved off hair Sits at home trying to write poems and clever lyrics that will turn into songs but he’s always stoned so He’s got nothing new to add just regurgitated garbage from a long dead fad And it’s so random you know it will never be cool So what if Scruffa’s not hip With the cashed up crew on the mainstream tip It’s not about chasing that fame & dough Just making sick beats and doing a show That blurs the lines between the genres Cute & brutal, joyous & sombre Cos life on earth is strange no doubt Gotta find something to laugh about And I hope this shit lasts forever Music bringing peeps together Won’t save the world or change the weather But it might make life just a little bit better Oh hell yeah Do you see what I did there Asymmetrically died hair Before it was cool Before it was what now I got covid & mad cow Stayed at home with a wet brow Before it was cool Before it was cool yo Check my white boy dead pan flow Check the instruments I know Before it was cool Every single beat All the food that I eat Before it was cool
Well hello there My good old pal How do you do? How have you been? What is happening? What’s going on? Are you happy? Who’s on the scene? I’ve been good mate Yeah I’ve been well Still battling on Nothing has changed Same old shit yeah A different smell But life goes on I can’t complain What if you did Complain that is Raise an issue And speak your truth Make a statement Step out of line Start a movement Fight nail & tooth Not with violence You understand Use your language Be resolute Shit be cray cray Shit is messed up Are you content To remain mute Are you happy now? Were you happy then? I doubt you’ll be happy when You figure what it’s all about Fake it happy - wow Acting like it’s all OK But are you happy now Or have you got something to say? People talking ain’t saying shit Mouth is moving nothing comes out Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Something something then I zone out How’s the weather? Who won the sports? He said/she said OMFG We’re so pretty Pretty vacant Gloss it over Don’t go too deep Superficial These things we say Mind our manners And tow the line Automated We soldier on Laugh it all off Act like it’s fine Here we are now 2022 Globe is warming but it’s OK Comfortable Got what we need No real reason To make a change I’ve been good mate Yeah I’ve been well Still battling on nothing has changed Same old shit yeah a different smell But life goes on I can’t complain Shit be cray cray Shit is messed up Where’s the logic I can’t compute Egocentric I’ll force a smile Take a selfie I’m looking beaut
I <3 IKEA 03:42
I love IKEA and I don’t know why Gonna find me lots of things to buy Then work all day and into the night Just to try to put them together right Hallo Trofast Flottebo Lisabo Odger Kvikne Bjorksnas Stuva Fritids Froson Duvholmen Kungsfors Kallax Sniglar Funkon Lycksele Lovas Fulltalig Bryggja Rimforsa Jackfrukt Gubbrora Lojter Norden Raskog Bangbula Glittrig Gonatt Liksidig Billsbro Fargrik Sundlandet Legitim Nikkeby Trysil Skoghall Funkon
Can’t you see me? Won’t you pay attention to me? I’ll say anything Just to get some publicity Criticise me I’ll take a stab at your credentials Can’t defeat me I’m already too influential Big Dick Energy I’m an expert On everything I’m sure you’ll agree Ignore the scientists Just shut your mouth and listen to me Tweet a shitstorm Of blatant lies, misinformation Make my own facts I hold one sided conversations Big Dick Energy You don’t matter The universe revolves around me Truly heartless I can’t even fake empathy Self-assured I don’t need to ask for your permission No-one asked me Still I trumpet my position Big Dick Energy
A, there ain’t no planet B And the one that we’ve got has plastic in the C Everyday living like you and me Is simply something that can’t go on indefinitely Every product that we pocket is packaged in pollution A wrapper to entice us that will make a contribution To the ever growing waves of waste and garbage we’re producing If you care to see the scale of it, it’s heart-attack inducing Send help! We’re still burning fossil fuels Like we haven’t seen the news in over 50 years - fools! Business as usual is just being lazy Now we’re living on a planet where the weather’s going crazy So where to now? Terraform the moon? Find another habitat to decimate and doom To oblivion, because that’s where we’re heading When there’s no common ground beneath these egg shells we’re treading We know that sticks & stones Are gonna break our bones And flames Will raze our homes Still we consume like drones And fuel the fire Some hope that someday soon We’ll move to Mars or moon Escape As collapse looms And leave this planet doomed It’s life expired 12 123 There are steps we should be taking to avoid catastrophe Cause the consequences aren’t just connected to the human There’s a planet with an ecosystem that we’re all abusing The legacy we’re leaving as a species is appalling Illegitimately thieving all resources til we’re causing Global warming environmental destruction The earth’s whole life support system now disrupted Our home formed by eons of slow evolution Now choking with plastic, fast fashion, pollution Produced by a bunch of greats apes who’ve decided That we are the brightest I think we’re misguided When we talk of progress what’s progressing The number of endangered species sure is not regressing And with CO2 levels at 420 per million I stand with extinction rebellion We know that sticks and stones Are gonna break our bones And flames will raze our homes Still we consume like drones And fuel the fire I wish that as a race Humans could slow their pace Exist But leave no trace So all life in this place Could bloom and prosper
Canaries 00:59
Canaries Canaries Canaries Canaries
Lick me at the chicken shop Get on down and you never stop Tastes so good til the very last drop So lick me at the chicken shop I said meet me at the Chicken Shop Skin is crispy but the fillet's soft And if it's greasy I can lick it off (lick me) So just call me when the heat is on Blue cheese and the two piece we agreed upon I wanna dance put the ranch to the side Get the stance open wide Never bland never dry Otherwise I might come Round the back for a dry rub Herb and spice with the lights on The type of guy who might try and opt for a fry up Stopping off at the chicken shop What's a pie cost Never mind got my eyes on the prize boss Two wings crisp with the chips and I'm 'a fly off Tie the legs up wait til I get home BDSM KFC squeeze the neck-bone Bring the hammer you got me on camera Bring a carload from O'galo to El Jannah Lick me Are you a breast or a thigh guy The thigh or the breast When shit's all covered in gravy then it's tasting the best Are you a soft wine and dine guy Or streetwise with zest I pour the lemon on my chicks and let the juice do the rest Coz I baste in all natural juices Lining up an order from the tight to the loosest And when I do this don't skimp on the spicy Finger licking good sucky sucky tastes so nicey I keep it oven fresh when I'm marinating breast Flipping rhythms with my tongue all across the skin and flesh Now I'm running out of breath and my mouth could use a rest But the licking at the chicken shop is simply the best
Belinda 02:36
Belinda you’re so gorgeous What the fuck should I do? I don’t wanna tell my girlfriend Anything about you Belinda you’re so gorgeous What the fuck can I do Exchanging flirty glances I can’t take eyes off of you When we touch it’s electric Can’t get enough of your hugs Should probably pull away now But I’m addicted like drugs Can I get a ONE time TWO girl THREE way FOR the road? Coz I’ve got a creepy feeling for some love in stereo Can I get a ONE off TWO time FREE pass FOR tomorrow Coz the grass is always greener on the other side don’t you know Belinda you’re so gorgeous What the fuck should I do I don’t wanna tell my girlfriend Anything about you My body’s drawn towards you Like a moth to a flame Burning intense desire Whoops I think I just came You grab my hand and guide me Deeper into the dance I find it hard to keep up With this jizz in my pants
Labne 01:06
Labne Labne Labne Labne Labne Labne Labne
Scrotal Vice 01:11
Feeling torture and pain Inside my brain Crushing grip My gonads rip Scrotal Vice Squeezing my balls I can’t take it any more Feel the blood flowing Scrotal Vice Scrot Al Vice
I am much older than you Heard these tunes before they were cool Play it all through again Stick it out til the bitter end Take me to the party won’t you Not much fun it’s true So am I happy now Is this all there is I’m going home Gonna leave the party early Not gonna wave goodbye Sneak on out the back door While the others drinking wine I don’t mind cause nobody will know by the time I’m dead to the world in a bed all mine Johny’s on the decks again rattling peoples bones Jack & Jill are out the back throwing Sticks and stones But I’m not really one to dance and I’ve no time for games So best I be off I’ll be on my way Leave it all behind and slip away Never need to face another day How the end seems so sweet Bow out to eternal peace Gonna leave the party early Not gonna wave goodbye Sneak on out the back door While the others getting high But I was probably lying when I said that I don’t mind Cause there’s friends who’ll be hurt if I leave before my time So don’t leave the party early This is not goodbye Stay on for a little drinking wine and getting high There’s better times ahead of you and worse times are behind So stay, it’s fine there’s more you’ll find Take me to the party won’t you If it’s not much fun it’ll do Have a laugh, rest, unwind Take your time stay with us my friend And mend it’s not the end
Pre Skool 03:13
Screw the new skool Take it back fool But screw the old skool Coz it's not cool Time to start new Back in pre skool We were all brave enough to break the rules Back in pre skool Back in pre skool Brave enough to break the rules
Post Music 04:05


released March 18, 2022

Everything by Steve Allison except;

Vocals on Chicken Shop by Dirty Birds & Versace Taco
Bass on Scrotal Vice by Doomface
Percussion & vocals on Pre Skool by my nieces & nephew
Drum engineering assistance from Daniel Arena

Mixed & mastered by Jack Prest
Artwork by Jen Allison


all rights reserved



Scruffamudda Sydney, Australia

Scruffamudda is a mashup of music all evolving from one man, one audience & a looper. Quirky, upbeat tunes are created using voice, drums, percussion, synthesisers, drum machines, guitar, ukulele, childrens' toys & practically anything that makes noise. The Scruffamudda live show is a humorous & interactive experience not be missed! ... more

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